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John Marshall
Managing Director

This is John-Marshall.com “Life by Design”, an ICF-certified Coaching Team committed to helping successful Professionals struggling with Work Life Balance, Earning Well Yet Feeling Financial Strained, and Ever Feeling Like They Don’t Measure up despite their Achievements (Imposter Syndrome), create a Life of Balance, Financial Stability, Free of Fear, full of Pasion, and Satisfaction with our “Maximize Your Potential” program.

Using a 3 Pillar Process we help clients:

  1. Cultivate Self Awareness
  2. Promote a Growth Mindset
  3. Create Action-Oriented Strategies

We help our clients move from unbalanced, fearful and uncertainty to fearless, self-aware, balanced, renewed passion, a powerful growth mindset and certainty.

The 3 big problems we will fix in this program are:

1.      Drowning in the Demands of Work, Missing Out on Life?

Solution: Dive deep to uncover the root causes, cultivate self-awareness, and realign with your genuine purpose and core values.

2.      Earning Well, Yet Feeling Financially Strained and Unfulfilled?

Solution: Design a holistic vision of success and roll out actionable strategies to achieve both financial peace and fulfillment.

3.      Ever Feeling Like they don’t measure up, Despite Your Achievements?

Solution: Nurture a powerful growth mindset, grounded in your life’s purpose and core values, to combat those creeping doubts. (Bad habits and limiting Beliefs)

 John-Marshall.com “Life by Design” was Founded by John Marshall, a Canadian international entrepreneur (now Managing Director).  John is ICF PCC accredited coach/trainer and working on his ICF MCC Accreditation.

 He is a Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach, Organizational Development Coach, NLP Coach, Applied Nero Science Trainer, and Christian Pastor with over 15,000 hours of Coaching and Training experience.

With a Primary focus on Mindset and Performance John helps clients intentional design and achieve the lives they desire.

John is also a Senior Faculty Member At Symbiosis Coaching were he teaches CLC, CEC, and CODC ICF level 2 accredited programs.

In 2011 while incarcerated in the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, John sought to permanently change his own life and past behavioral patterns so that he could begin repairing the damage he had caused.

To achieve this change, John recognized the need to undertake a powerful journey of personal transformation. From the onset of John’s transformative journey, he realized that an integral part of his own healing was to help facilitate change in others who needed it.

In response to this calling, John created “Paradigm Thinking”, a transformational training/coaching program that 1000’s of men have participated in with lasting results.

Now, John-Marshall.com “Life by Design” is the byproduct of John’s ongoing journey with God and his own mission to facilitate change in others. Finally, after 6 years in prison and life coaching, mentoring, and pastoring 1,000’s men over 10,000’s of hours, John is ready to share this experience on a larger scale, with you.

Born in Beirut, Lebanon during a civil war, lived back and forth between Cyprus & Lebanon. Spent a part of my childhood laying on the floor with the lights off while listening to explosions nearby, or collecting bullets in the morning In front of the house.

Eventually made it to Montreal, Canada for a fresh start, once I became a citizen, I had the freedom to travel the world as a Canadian and dignity to and opportunity to go after my dreams, greatest gift my parents ever gave me at the expense of my father’s career. Since he didn’t speak French and limited skills, he had to work as a pizza delivery man which is a big contrast to where he was. We shopped at the Salvation Army and lived in a cramped apartment with my 2 bothers, my parents, and my grandfather.

My father and I had a rough relationship, he would often get violent which I wouldn’t accept given my stubborn nature so by the age of 12 I would start spending more time outside the house and by 14 years old, days turned into weeks of fending for myself. After a couple of rough years I learned some important life lessons, eventually made peace with my dad, went to college & eventually became a real estate broker and business owner which I practice to this day.

The love of freedom and independence I had gained as a young man gave me the motivation needed to pursue different types of businesses while consistently working as a real estate professional and property manager. After many projects many of which had failed, I can honestly say I’m very grateful for lessons they taught me, today I enjoy well deserved successes importing and exporting goods from around the world, and profiting from a large network and executing real estate transactions.

Today I’m a proud father, passionate about volunteering and charity work that I enjoy with my son, im committed to helping others, I speak 4 languages, Im a property owner and real estate investor with a vacation home on the Red Sea which is a diving Mecca, I’m an advanced diver soon to become a kite surfer, I spend summers working on and enjoying my boat, I’ve traveled to many countries across the globe and experienced many different cultures.

I’m embarking on this new and exciting journey of coaching, I’m committed to this project, I only wish I knew about and had the ressources to have a coach when I was younger, today my coach is an essential part of my life, my coach has my back, I’m blessed to have an excellent coach, my coach holds me accountable, asks the right questions and leads me to clarity, giving me the confidence needed to take the right actions saving me time and frustration. Likewise I will be a great coach to you, I will dedicate myself 100% in every session, committed to helping you move forward one small step at a time towards your goals and dreams.

My favorite quote is “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees” I live by those words, We have one life on this beautiful earth, and every hour lost we can never get back, we spend money on meaningless objects that end up in the trash, invest in yourself instead.

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