Peak Performance Coaching Inc.


Managing Director

John Marshall

With over 40 years of international corporate experience in communications & technology, finance, media, broadcast, marketing, and hospitality, he has acted as founder, CEO, and Director of both private and public corporations.

John Marshall, co-author of the book “Path to Relevance” is a:

  • ICF Certified Life Coach
  • ICF Certified Executive Coach with Symbiosis Coaching Boston,
  • ICF Certified Wellness Coach with World Coach Institute, Inc. and
  • Is currently completing his ICF ACC (Associate of Certified Coach) accreditation.Additionally, he is currently working on an associate’s degree in Ministry at Gobble University in the USA.

With over 40 years of international corporate experience in communications & technology, finance, media, broadcast, marketing, and hospitality, he has acted as founder, CEO, and Director of both private and public corporations.

Insecurity, the fear of failure, and good old fashioned self-destructive pride were some of the contributing factors which resulted in John going to a US prison in 2011 for six years where he became an ordained minister, developed the training program “Paradigm Thinking”, and co-authored the book “Path to Relevance”. In his role as pastor, coach, and trainer he has spent over 2000 hours training and counselling 100’s of individuals in discovering, facing, and working through their proper role in life.

John is currently a member at Connect Church and is the ministry lead in the Church’s “Celebrate Recovery Program” (See Rick Warren Saddleback church), which offers a safe place to grow for anyone that has a “hurt, habit or hang-up”, and the support of others to help deal with it.

He is also the lead Pastor at where he hosts a live interactive video Prayer broadcast every morning at 6am EST. As the Founder of Peak Performance Coaching, John believes in helping to transform the world one life at a time by coaching clients to a life of fulfillment and relevance. In his world, living a relevant life is defined as:

  • Achieving a state where one’s words and actions align with their highest values
  • Having healthy relationships
  • Knowing one’s purpose in life
  • Having a meaningful and valuable impact on people, places, and things regardless of the circumstances surrounding one’s life

john considers this mission accomplished only when a client has obtained this optimum state.

Senior Advisor

Ed Roberts

Ed Roberts has been in a licensed/ordained minister for over 35 years. He managed a center for Teens with life controlling problems (Teen Challenge), followed by chaplaincy with the Federal Bureau of Prisons where he retired as the Northeast Regional Chaplaincy Administrator.

Ed is a trained counselor with the Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis, FIRO-B, and Prepare/Enrich Marriage inventories. Graduated from Valley Forge Christian College with a B.S. degree in Pastoral Counseling and Graduated from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary with a Masters Degree in Family Counseling.

Sales Co-ordination & Group Facilitation PPC

Anthony Mason

In his role at Peak Performance Coaching as Sales Co-ordinator and Group Facilitator Anthony is responsible for introducing individuals to our programs and helping facilitate groups in niche areas that allow him to use his life experience as a tool to help others.

Anthony is a REALTOR with Keller Williams Edge Realty in Burlington, Ontario. Anthony is a member of the Ontario Real Estate Association, Canadian Real Estate Association as well as a Registrant with the Real Estate Council of Ontario. Anthony received his training through the Ontario Real Estate Association College

Anthony co-authored “The Path to Relevance” with John Marshall in 2015. It is the pair’s first collaboration. The book details a portion of Anthony’s journey under the mentorship of John.

Anthony is a graduate of Paradigm Thinking. Anthony continued with Paradigm Thinking becoming a facilitator with the program. During this time, he helped 100 of individuals on their personal journey’s. Anthony is also a Co-Active Coaching trainee.

Anthony studied at the University of Guelph in the B.A program. While at Guelph Anthony was a student athlete playing football for the Gryphons. He was a 2-year team captain, East-West Bowl game participant, OUA All-Star. During the spring semester of 2004 Anthony was selected byThe Hamilton Tiger Cats of the Canadian Football League.

Anthony is also a former Can-Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer.

“Creating certainty is important to me because I make the best decisions when I can use my mind to think and act versus letting the outside world penetrate my thoughts. Certainty allows me to forge a path in any environment and achieve success anywhere at any time. My experiences have proven this to be true in all circumstances.”

Affiliate Coach

Ron Behr

Ron joins PPC after over 25 years working for or consulting for various companies within the Food Industry including Nestle SA and Groupe Danone. His diverse rolls within these organizations provided him to develop a unique skill set, which includes commodities trading, business development and product and operations quality assurance.

Even with his achievements in the corporate world, he felt unfulfilled and empty within his own life. In 2019 he reconnected with John, a childhood friend and learned more about John’s long journey. After learning how John had transformed his life, Ron chose to go through The Crushing Truth and came to the realization that he needed to make a pivot.

Ron is now following his “Why” (To Guide and Support those who acknowledge and request the need for Assistance) and is currently enrolled in an ICF Life Coaching Training program.

“Find your Why, Live your Why, be fulfilled”

Affiliate Coach

Monique Lutz

Monique studied Business Informatics with a focus on eBusiness at the University of Furtwangen in Germany, and has a Bachelor of Science Degree. Monique went way beyond what She was “expected” to achieve during university and was therefore rewarded with a scholarship for young women in the male-dominated technology field.

Monique was also selected to the gifted program and was engaged in intercultural student exchanges and counseling. She has worked at the headquarters of world-leading Corporations like IBM, SAP, and HP. Monique rose to the level of Software Senior Consultant at the age of 29 years. She had a close call with death that made her realize that life is too short and fragile to not live a more fulfilling life and pursue her dreams. This awakening created her dream big lifestyle that motivated her to leave the corporate red race and pursue her true dream of sailing around the world. Since then she has traveled 60+ countries and has completed a circumnavigation of our amazing planet. Now she is using all the skills she has learned to inspire others to live their Dream Life.

Monique is currently completing her ICF Certified Life Coach accreditation and a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training. She combines western knowledge with ancient teachings that she learned through her world travels.

Our greatest purpose often arises from our greatest pain and Monique’s purpose and mission come from her journey. Her philosophy of making the most out of life has created “Dream Big Life Coaching”.

Just like her mentor John Marshall taught her. Monique wants to transform the world one life at a time by guiding others to a life of Certainty and Relevance. Her wish is to show her clients that they have greatness inside them and empower them to design the kind of life they dream of.

Coaching is not a business or job to Monique. It’s Monique’s absolute passion and purpose to help as many people as she can. She truly wants everybody to become the best they can be and achieve their goals and dreams.

Affiliate Coach

Leigh Anne

Leigh Anne started her career in Retail Management after graduating from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a major in Business Administration and a Minor in English. While leading teams in various types of retail settings, Leigh Anne realized that her passion was really in the Human Resources function, specifically in recruiting (talent selection and assessment) and in training and development.

Transitioning from Retail to the staffing industry, she was able to grow her career from that of Consultant, to Branch Manager to Corporate Trainer and Regional Learning Manager, and then finally as the 1st National Account Manager for a US subsidiary of a large international staffing firm. After 11 years with this staffing firm, Leigh Anne made the move to Corporate America Talent Acquisition.

It was during this journey into Corporate Recruiting that Leigh Anne discovered her talent for helping organizations build amazing cultures through high-touch focus on every aspect of the employee life-cycle as well as bringing the right talent through the door. By positioning she and her team as strategic business partners, she was able to build successful recruiting functions in Fortune 1000/500/100 companies.

From 2016 to 2020, Leigh Anne had 4 Director-level positions, 3 of which were eliminated during a corporate restructure. It was in 2020 that she made the decision to pivot her career into coaching. She is now an ICF certified Organizational Development Coach and a certified Career Transition Coach. Additional designations through the ICF include Success Coach, Business Coach, and Personal Development Coach. Due to her background as well as having experienced career transition first-hand, she has opened a business called Talent Up Solutions, an HR consultancy and Coaching business, focusing on helping mid-career professionals navigate their work-lives, whether that be because they are in transition, want to do a mid-career pivot, don’t know what they want to do, or perhaps are gunning for promotional and leadership opportunities where they currently work and need some assistance. Leigh Anne brings a distinct competitive advantage to the table given that she has worked with thousands of hiring managers and candidates, was a recruiter and knows how recruiter think, and she is no stranger to career transition. Her empathetic approach to coaching, training, advising, and mentoring helps her clients discover their professional passions, map out an action plan to achieve desired goals, and build a toolkit with all the right components for them to land a job of their dreams, while making money doing something they love.

Leigh Anne is a servant leader at heart, always working to create a culture of trust while encouraging diversity of thought. Her philosophy of ‘Yes I Can” helps clients deal with the negative self-talk and imposter syndrome as they work to write the 2nd Chapter of their professional lives.